Coming 2020. Innocence Lost is a story about human-trafficking.  It is a faith based film taking a look behind the scenes of what truly goes on, seen from the eyes of a victim. It is a story of a young girl who gets taken and her struggle to keep her faith through this cruel and crippling industry.


Coming 2018. Something to Cherish starring Jim Horning and Shonna Bedford. A faith based short story about how God can carry us through anything, including the times we lose everything!




Award Winning, Inspired by a true story!

A couple turn from God due to the loss of their child.  A story of grief, loss, strength and how they find the way back to their faith.

Shonna Bedford

as Elizabeth

Jorge Diaz

as Victor

Celia Isla

as Pastor Mary

Mildred Mattos

as The Angel

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Suzy Rose

as child's mom

Jonathan Herrington

as child's dad

Christian Shields

as Luke


Gary Stoneberg    ~    Director

Shonna Bedford   ~   Writer

Tony Ahedo          ~    Director of Photography

Brandi Shields     ~     Makeup Artist

Jon Shields          ~     Sound